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12 August 2019: UPDATED Lincoln County News Article

The Lincoln County News finally posted on line an article about our Annual Meeting. It appears to be the same article, but with better pictures 🙂

Clary Lake Association Looks Into the Future

The Bangor Daily News also carried the story, as did the Nonprofit Quarterly who wrote this interesting promotional piece about the Clary Lake Association’s recent accomplishments:


Nonprofit, after Long-Sought Success, Adopts New Stewardship Role

These are exciting times!

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12 August 2019: Lincoln County News Article on CLA Annual Meeting


2019 Annual Meeting

It’s been a little over a week since we held our 2019 Annual Meeting and I apologize for not posting anything about it until now. We were all pretty busy in the weeks leading up to the Annual meeting, and I for one needed a break. I had meant to post about the Annual meeting, but Lincoln County News reporter Jessica Clifford beat me to it. She attended the Annual meeting and has written a great article (with pictures!) that appeared in last week’s 8-8-2019 Lincoln County News paper. The article however has not been made available online so posting it had to wait until I could scan and format it for the website:

Lincoln County News 8-8-2019 CLA Annual Meeting

I’m more or less back in the saddle now, and ready to get to work. There are some neat events planned for later this month and this fall. Stay tuned for details!

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04 August 2019: Loon Nest Update


Sitting Loon. Photo by Carolyn Curtis.

It is hard to believe at this late date that the loons are still sitting on the nest, but that is the case. I was convinced the nest had been abandoned so I picked up my new neighbor Carolyn Curtis and we boated over to look at the nest site today, not sure what we were going to find. On our way over we saw 3 loons swimming. Imagine our surprise to arrive at the nest to find a loon sitting on it! We got to within 3-4 feet before we were able to spot the bird. While I quickly 2019080495195217reversed oars and started to pull my boat away, Carolyn stood up and snapped this picture with her phone. It’s a great shot. You can clearly see the loon’s head and back. Very well hidden. The picture at left is a blow up of the original picture that Carolyn sent me, it clearly shows the loon’s back, head, and red eye.

Last year the loon chicks were first spotted on June 24th which was if anything a bit early. Early July is more normal, and late July not too uncommon. But still sitting in August? I’ve never heard of such a thing! Given the late date, the prospects for the loon family being able to raise chicks to flying age before winter are not good. It will be tight. Stay tuned.

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2018 Annual Meeting Minutes Posted

And just in time too! I had meant to finish and post last summer’s Annual Meeting minutes long before this but with everything that’s been going on, I just lost track of that task. 

You’ll find Annual Meeting minutes for previous years on the Archived Meeting Minutes page.

Hope to see you at THIS year’s Annual Meeting this coming Saturday!

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July 2019 Water Level Chart Archived

6 Clary-Lake-Water-Level-Precipitation-July-2019

July 2019

I have archived the July 2019 Water Level Chart (at left). The most notable thing about this chart is it shows rainfall fell off a cliff in July with only 2.39 inches being recorded for the month, over an inch less than the average of 3.54 inches for July. The latter part of the month has been driest: we’ve only received 0.16 inches of rain since July 13th. That said, due to the above-average rainfall received in April, May, and June, we’re still 0.65 inches above the yearly average for this date. While we’re not in official drought territory yet, we will be soon if this dearth of rainfall continues.

The lake level has fallen since the first of the month, starting out 0.13 feet above the HWM and ending the month 0.32 feet below the HWM, a total range of only 0.45 feet. Still, despite the lack of rain, the lake level is higher now than it historically would be on this date; water was still flowing over the top of the dam until just a few days ago. We’ve only been able to maintain this high water level because of the dam repairs we made late last fall which has reduced leaks to a just a few cubic feet per second, which conveniently supplies the minimum flows (1.9 cfs) for this time of year. We anticipate the lake level will continue to fall an additional 6-8 inches through the month of August, depending on rainfall. Continue reading

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28 July 2019: Maine CDC confirms case of Powassan virus

One more reason to hate ticks, as if we needed another.

Maine CDC confirms case of Powassan virus

July 24, 2019
Human Services

AUGUSTA – The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Maine CDC) has confirmed a case of Powassan virus infection in a Maine resident, the first case of the tick-borne illness in the state since 2017.

Maine CDC received notification of the case this week from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services. The adult individual resides in southern Maine and has been hospitalized in New Hampshire. It is believed that the individual contracted the illness in Maine. Continue reading

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23 July 2019: CLA Annual Meeting and Community Cookout Update

Plans for the 2019 Clary Lake Association Annual meeting are coming along nicely! The meeting will be held at 2:00 PM sharp at the Clary Lake dam on Saturday August 3rd. There will be a short business meeting to start followed by our main program including a presentation by Midcoast Conservancy’s Maranda Nemeth about their hopes to establish fish passage  into Clary Lake, and a discussion of our Association’s long term goals led by outgoing President Malcolm Burson. Since our membership year runs from annual meeting to annual meeting, in order to participate in the meeting (i.e. vote, speak) you need to be a paid up member. If you plan to pay your dues at the meeting (as many people do) please arrive a little early! We’ll have a registration desk set up by 1:00 PM and plan to start the meeting promptly at 2:00 PM. You can also sign up online. Dues are $25 per year per person.

There will be a number of canopies set up to provide shade along with tables and chairs but it can’t hurt to bring a folding chair or 2 if you have them. We’re expecting the field adjoining the dam property to have been hayed by the time of the meeting so parking should not be a problem.

We have traditionally held a pot-luck supper at the conclusion of our Annual Meeting. This year have decided to invite the larger community of lake lovers to join us in celebration of our restored natural treasure. A cookout open to the public will start at 4 PM. The Clary Lake Association will be offering hot dogs, hamburgers (and some veggie burgers) and an assortment of beverages, and we encourage folks who plan to attend to bring an offering of a side dish or dessert to round out the fare. We also plan to polish off the ice cream left over from our recent Ice Cream Social. The cookout and food is free but donations will be gratefully accepted. We hope to see you there!

A final reminder: for some time now, full Membership in the Association is open to “all persons who support the purpose of the Association as stated in the bylaws and who pay annual dues to the Corporation.” You need not be a Clary Lake shore owner to be a Member, we’re especially interested in attracting New Members from the wider community.  There is strength in numbers, and we encourage you to invite your neighbors and friends of Clary Lake to come to the Meeting and join us in our celebration. See you at the Annual Meeting!

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16 July 2019: Ice Cream Social a Great Success!


Two of our event-coordinators Kelsie French (left) and Melissa Palmer-Karas.

Our first Ice Cream Social was a great success! By the middle of the afternoon there were about 50 people hanging out on the Clary Lake dam property and on the adjoining property belonging to neighbors Steve & Julie Cowles. Many thanks to them for their help getting the site ready and allowing us the use of their property. It was a beautiful sunny day and the canopies we set up provided much appreciated shade. Jeff French and his family arrived by boat! Many thanks to our volunteers for pulling off such a well-organized event and special thanks to Joe Holland of the Jefferson Scoop for donating tasty Gifford’s Ice Cream,  and to Linda Gallion who brought home made chocolate and strawberry ice cream. This wasn’t really intended to be a fund raiser, but we did collect over $70 in our donation jar which helped cover the costs. Next year we’ll do a better job with promotion.

Sorry for not posting something sooner, but the past couple of days have been pretty hectic. Here is a gallery of pictures from the event. I’ll get around to adding some captions when I find a round tuit:

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Clary Lake Association Ice Cream Social Reminder!

Ice Cream!Just a reminder that our Ice Cream Social is this coming Sunday July 14th at 2 PM at the Clary Lake dam! The weather is looking perfect with temps in the mid-80s. Stop by and make yourself a Sundae! Bring a friend! We’ll have some tables and chairs set up, and some canopy tents so you can get out of the sun if you wish. Here’s a link to the original post about this event:

Clary Lake Association Ice Cream Social July 14th

One thing we forgot to mention in the original post is that The Jefferson Scoop has donated two tubs of ice cream to the event! Help us spread the word, because ice cream!

Hope to see you there!

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08 July 2019: Aquafortis Associates LLC Appeals BEP Ruling

In a move that defies understanding, Aquafortis Associates LLC (AQF) has decided to appeal the June 6th Board of Environmental Protection (BEP) ruling denying their appeal of the DEP transfer of the Water Level Order to the Clary Lake Association (see “06 June 2019: BEP Denies AQF Appeal“). This new Petition for Review of Final Agency Action, Docket No. AP-2019-TBA, was filed today in Kennebec County Superior Court by counsel for AQF Dennis Carrillo. Mr. Carrillo has represented Richard Smith and AQF in both the Paul Kelley Bankruptcy proceeding and the Rubin/Ayer lawsuit. The petition names the Board of Environmental Protection as the Defendant and they will be doing the heavy lifting in this court case. The Clary Lake Association has been named a Party-In-Interest. I am not going to comment further until I’ve had a chance to read the Petition carefully. Without further palaver:

Stay Tuned!

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