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Save the Dates: Two Upcoming Midcoast Conservancy Winter Programs

The Midcoast Conservancy is putting on a couple of informational programs this winter that look like they will be potentially of great interest to Clary Lake Association Members. The first program is on Alewife, Eel, and Lamprey Ecology to be held on Friday February 28th from 6:00 to 7:30 PM at the Sheepscot General in Whitefield (map). The featured speaker will be Marine Resources Specialist Nate Gray with the Department of Marine Resources. The other program is a ways off and still in development but I understand it will be on Climate Change and it’s impact on Maine Lakes. It is scheduled for Friday April 24th from 6:00 to 7:30 PM, also at the Sheepscot General. I’ll post updates on these programs as more information becomes available. While they’re a ways off, I did want to put them out there so you could “Save the Dates.”

Sheepscot General is renowned for their food, especially pizza, so if you’re interested in making a night of it, arrive early and get something to eat before the program!

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26 January 2020: Yes There Are Black Crappie in Clary Lake


White Perch and Black Crappie photo by Joe Holland

We’ve known for some time that there were black crappie in Clary Lake, they started showing up back in 2015 as a result of illegal stocking (see: 28 May 2015: A Black Crappie caught in Clary Lake). They’re clearly now firmly established and it’s not at all uncommon to catch them! Jack Holland sent me this picture of some black crappie and white perch that his son Joe Holland (of The Jefferson Scoop fame!) caught last week on Clary Lake.

IF&W Fisheries Biologist Jason Seiders was not particularly happy to hear that there were Black Crappie being caught in Clary Lake when I spoke to him about it a couple of years ago. His recommendation was that if you catch them, keep them! I can attest, they are good eating, and fun to catch.

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CLA Hors D’oeuvre Party Announcement!

We're having a party!We’re having a “We can’t believe it’s 48 days until Spring” party! Only kidding! We don’t need an excuse to gather together and have a little neighborly fun. The date is Saturday, February 1st and the place is the lovely home of Beverly and Gareth Bowen at 739 Gardiner Road in Jefferson (map). The time is 7 PM. Everyone is asked to bring their own favorite beverage and a hors d’oeuvre platter to share. Bring yourself and bring a friend! We hope to have a good showing, there’s plenty of room, and it will be a great opportunity for people to get together, get reacquainted with other CLA members, and meet new friends. Let’s shake off those mid-winter doldrums together! Maybe someone will even bring a guitar and we can sing the CLA theme song. Hmmm… do we even have a theme song? Well, we can think of something! Continue reading

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Maine CDC Adds New Radon Data Tool

The following press release from the State of Maine highlights a new tool from the Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) for tracking data on a variety of health-related issues in Maine including Radon levels, Arsenic levels, and Lead levels. The data is presented in a variety of ways, including tables, charts, and interactive maps. This valuable new data is well worth looking at. If you haven’t had your home tested for Radon, consider doing it sooner rather than later. Continue reading

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10 January 2020: Update on Aquafortis Associates Appeal

Superior_court-1-10-2020The first hearing on the AquaFortis Associates LLC appeal of the Maine DEP transfer of the Water Level Order to the Clary Lake Association took place today. It lasted about an hour and a half. The picture at left, taken before the start of the hearing shows CLA attorney Randy Creswell (left) and Assistant AG Scott Boak discussing strategy. Aquafortis Associates LLC (and Richard Smith) were represented by attorney L. Dennis Carrillo. The Judge handling the case is Justice William Stokes. Continue reading

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Aquafortis Associates Appeal Hearing Reminder

The other day I emailed our Membership to remind them of the upcoming hearing on the Aquafortis Associates LLC appeal of the WLO Transfer, scheduled for 10:30 AM on Friday, January 10th. The hearing will be held at the Kennebec County Superior Court, 1 Court St Suite 101, Augusta, ME 04330 (map). I wanted to get notice out soon enough so those who would like to attend have time to make arrangements. If you’re not familiar with this proceeding and it’s history, I’ve posted about it a few times on the CLA website, most recently back in the middle of December. Here’s a link to that post, for more information: Continue reading

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02 January 2020: The Winter 2019 Water Column Issue Is Out

The Winter 2019 Lake Stewards of Maine’s periodical “The Water Column” arrived in our mailbox today. As usual, it’s full of interesting information about the state of lake water quality monitoring in Maine, invasive plant problems around the State, and other issues impacting lakes in Maine.

Last year’s Winter 2018-2019 issue of The Water Column was all about the impact of climate change on Maine lakes, and this winter’s issue continues their coverage of climate change with an interesting article on ice-in and ice-out trends. The Lake Stewards of Maine does a great job of publicizing their activities. The Clary Lake Association has been conducting water quality monitoring on Clary Lake in association with the Lake Stewards of Maine (formerly the Volunteer Lake Monitor Program or VLMP) since 1975 and is a long time supporting member of their organization.

The Water Column

Here’s a link to the full document:

The Water Column Winter 2019

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December 2019 Water Level Chart Archived

12 Clary-Lake-Water-Level-December-2019

December 2019

And 2019 is a wrap! I have archived the December 2019 Water Level Chart (at left). The most interesting thing about the December chart is once again, how much precipitation we received. It’s been a wet year and December was no exception. It still amazes me how much water can flow into- and out of- Clary Lake in a relatively short period of time. More on that later. In addition to the monthly chart I’ve also archived a bunch of other charts including the 2019 whole-year chart, the 2019 flows chart, the 2019 precipitation chart, and by the time I’m done probably a few more charts as well. You’ll find ALL of them in the 2019 Water Level Charts archive. I love charts. Does it show? Continue reading

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We Give A Dam! Clary Lake Association Tee Shirts For Sale

The Clary Lake Association is making another foray into the world of online retailing and to that end we’ve set up a simple shopping cart system using Paypal as our payment processor. While it isn’t the world’s most sophisticated shopping cart system, it works and should serve our purposes well for the time being. It should be self explanatory and problem-free, but if you have any questions or issues with it, please contact the Webmaster.

To start out, we’d like to sell the last of these classic We Give A Dam! tee shirts! There won’t be any more of these! We had a dozen made for the 2019 Whitefield Fourth of July parade and people said they wanted to be able to buy some, so we ordered a bunch.  Most of them were sold last summer at the Ice Cream Social and the Annual meeting. We still have a few of these classic tee shirts left (in several sizes) that we’d like to sell. You can have any color you want as long as it’s BLUE! A few of our original Clary Lake Association Sweat Shirts have turned up as well and we’d like to sell them too. Please visit our Items For Sale page to see what we have to offer.

We’re already getting to work on some new products for the upcoming year. We’ll be starting out with tee shirts again but are also planning on offering CLA hats, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, etc. Stay tuned.

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17 December 2019: Clary Iced-In For The 3rd Time! [UPDATED]

Clary-frozen-12-17-2019Clary Lake has had a hard time staying frozen this year! It initially completely froze over on December 4th and remained well frozen for a week. Then warm temperatures and heavy rains caused it to mostly open up again on December 11th. It had completely refrozen by the next day December 12th, only to completely melt off again on December 15th! This morning, as you can see on the composite photograph of the 3 Clary Webcams, it appears completely refrozen with the possible exception of a small sliver of open water over on the east end of the lake. This afternoon’s expected snow fall will show if that’s really the case. Perhaps this is it. I don’t see anything in the forecast to suggest the lake will melt off again, but you never know.

While December 4th is early for ice in, historically it’s not particularly early at all. I recall as a kid ice skating on Clary Lake at Thanksgiving. Visit our Ice-In and Ice-out dates for Clary Lake page. We have records available back to 2001.

20191217_141327-Large[UPDATE] I guess I wouldn’t be calling the lake fully frozen just yet, judging from the amount of water that’s leaking up onto the surface. When it first started snowing today, dozens of small wet spots appeared. As the snow continued, the wet spots grew in size and number. There must be small holes in the ice for this to occur. Perhaps a good hard freeze will finish the ice-in process!

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