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04 April 2020: Clary Lake Full Once Again

20200404_114344A few days ago when I posted about archiving the March water level chart I said I expected the lake would fill soon, but that was before we received heavy rain on Thursday and Friday. That did the trick! This morning the lake had risen to an elevation of 150.96 feet and water was just beginning to flow over the top of the dam (picture at left). What a pleasant sight! While the current lake level is still 0.21 feet below the HWM, I consider the lake to be full when water is just beginning to flow over the top of the dam. Dave Knight and I went over this morning and installed the 6th and final stop log and opened the gate just a wee bit to tweak the outflows. Our goal now will be to maintain this water level (or close to it) through the end of July. The current minimum flows of 35.9 cfs drop to 8.3 cfs on May 16th.

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Once More To The Lake

E. B. White

I remember my Mother reading me E. B. White’s short story “Once More to the Lake” when I was a child, it was one of her favorite stories, and one of mine. It’s been many, many years since I last read it, or anything by E. B. White for that matter. He’s one of my favorite authors. The other day a friend of mine sent me a copy with the comment “A big part of the story could take place on Clary lake and reminds me of my summers in Maine as a kid.” Well, it reminds me of my summers in Maine as a kid as well so I decided to post it on the website, for all of you who’ve never enjoyed “Once More to the Lake” and also for those who have. Enjoy. Summer is coming. Continue reading

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03 April 2020: Clary Lake is Featured Lake on Lakes of Maine Website

Lake Stewards of Maine maintains several great websites including the Lakes of Maine site which provides detailed technical information about most lakes in Maine, including Clary Lake. They also feature a different Maine lake on their website every month including a picture and a brief write up about the lake. April’s Lake-of-the-Month is Clary Lake! The picture they’re using for Clary Lake was taken by David Hodsdon. Another cool site maintained by Lake Stewards of Maine is the Near Real Time Lake Data site.


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02 April 2020: Local Woman Tests Positive for Covid-19

Many of you know Arlene Wing. Arlene is a Registered Nurse and went through CDC sponsored pandemic training about 15 years ago. She has continued to study microbiology and epidemiology and not surprisingly, she has a much better grasp than most people of what happens when epidemics and pandemics arise. Back at the beginning of March of this year she started a Facebook page called “About Covid 19.” Her intention has been to post helpful information about Covid 19 without the politics, spin, and hyperbole that accompanies so much 0f what’s out there, and to offer her unique perspective into this pandemic in the belief that being informed and prepared reduces fear and improves outcomes. I’ve been following her page since she started it, and have found her posts to be both helpful and informative. Continue reading

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March 2020 Water Level Chart Archived

3 Clary-Lake-Water-Level-March-2020

March 2020

I have archived the March 2020 Water Level Chart (at left) which for what it’s worth was labeled “Clary Lake Water Level February 2020” for the entire month of March due to an oversight on my part. Hope nobody was confused about what month it really was! The remarkable thing the March water level chart reflects is the relatively stable water level that lasted through the whole month, hovering right around 1 foot below the HWM for most of the month. Normally, long about the middle of March precipitation and rising temperatures cause the snow to start melting, and runoff starts to increase which usually more or less coincides with the change in minimum flows from the wintertime rate of 11.3 cfs to the springtime rate of 35.9 cfs. It’s about mid-March that we start to install some stop logs in the weir to start raising the lake level while at the same time opening the gate to produce the higher outflows required by a the change in minimum flows. This year however there wasn’t any snow to melt so that big charge of runoff that Continue reading

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28 March 2020: We Have An Ice Out Contest Winner!

Linda Gallion

Finally! David Hodsdon has proclaimed this year’s ice out date to be March 27th. That was the day when all the ice was completely gone from the coves and inlets around the lake. That makes Linda Gallion (picture at left, from last year’s Annual Meeting) the winner of our 2020 Ice Out Contest! Her’s was the closest guess (March 24th) without going over. Linda has been a long time CLA member and served as Treasurer for ten years from 2005 to 2015. Congratulations Linda! Hope you enjoy your tee shirt! Many thanks to all who participated in our first Clary Lake Ice Out Contest. Here are their guesses:

2020 Ice Out Contest Guesses

Ice Out was determined to be March 27th. The closest guess wins!
Jane Chase03/14/20
Rick Gallion03/14/20
Jack Holland03/17/20
June M. Lordi03/23/20
Linda Gallion03/24/20
ICE OUT:03/27/2020
Lee Prager03/28/20
Paul Devlin03/28/20
Steve Cowles03/29/20
Malcolm B03/29/20
David Knight04/01/20
Carolyn Curtis04/02/20
Gareth Bowen04/03/20
Leslie Gillette04/04/20
Terry Crummett04/07/20
Kate Seba04/09/20
Arlene Wing04/12/20
Karen Stutzer04/14/20
Dan Burns04/16/20

Resized952020032695154444955643If you think it took a longer than usual for the lake to become ice-free this year it is because it did! I don’t think the ice was really ready to melt off, but a heavy rain event on March 13th which dropped 1.20 inches of rain followed by strong winds the next day got rid of a lot of ice on the north side of the lake. There were actually people ice fishing the previous weekend. After that initial melt-off, the ice seemed to take forever to melt out of the coves on the south side, and down by the boat launch.

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22 March 2020: Ice Taking Its Time Going Out

This Clary Cam 3 video from this morning shows just how leisurely Ice Out is this year 🙂

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21 March 2020: Ice ALMOST But Not Completely Gone

20200321_095927-MediumToday could be the  day! I took the picture at left this morning from my office window. There’s still a good amount of ice along the southern shore of Clary Lake but it’s breaking up quickly. If the temperature continues to rise today and the wind keeps up, the ice could clear out by the end of the day or certainly by sometime tomorrow. I believe the east end of the lake is largely ice-free today but will check later.

You can check on the ice-out progress on the Clary Web Cams page.

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16 March 2020: Clary Ice On The Way Out!


Ah Spring!

I took this picture out my office window this morning. The ice is not off Clary yet, but it’s well on it’s way! I’d estimate that about 1/3 of the ice is gone and I’ll be surprised if there’s any left by the end of the week. It’s hard to imagine there were people ice fishing just one week ago. With the ice on the way out, can the loons be far behind? They don’t wait for the ice to be completely gone. I’ve already seen ducks, geese, and a couple of eagles checking out the open water. What a great time of year!

With ice-out imminent, we’ve stopped accepting new guesses for our Ice Out Contest. We’ll announce the winner(s) after the Official Ice Out Call is made.

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Catherine A. (Cathy) Rapp

I got a call the other day from a neighbor informing me of the passing of Cathy Rapp. I have never met Cathy but I knew of her and am friends with her son Ken Rapp and his wife Dedi who have been long time Clary Lake Association members. From what I’ve heard Cathy was a delightful woman. She and her husband Admiral Bill Rapp build the Rapp family camp on a piece of property they bought from Paul MacDonald in 1967 on the northeast shore of Clary Lake, next door to Thomas & Delph Gillette.

Catherine A. (Cathy) Rapp, 99, passed away peacefully on March 10, 2020 in Harbourway, Atlantic Shores Retirement Community. Mrs. Rapp was a native of East Orange, NJ and was the wife of the late V.ADM William T. (Barney) Rapp. She traveled the world as a Navy wife and eventually settled in Virginia Beach in 1974. She was preceded in death by a son, Richard Rapp.

Cathy is survived by two sons, Bill Rapp and his wife, Carolyn of Aurora, CO, and Ken Rapp and his wife Dedi of Virginia Beach, five grandchildren, eleven great grandchildren, a daughter in law Brenda Rapp, and several nieces, nephews and dear friends.

Cathy was an exceptional wife to her husband, a loving mother of three sons, and a compassionate grandmother to all of her grandchildren. She will be deeply missed.

A memorial service will be held on Monday, March 16, 2020 at 11:00 AM in the Eastern Shore Chapel Episcopal Church. Interment will follow at a later date in Arlington National Cemetery.

Online condolences may be made to the family at

Published in The Virginian Pilot on March 14, 2020

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