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23 January 2021: Ice Boating on Clary Lake

Great ice! Great wind! Great cold!

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22 January 2021: Clary_cam2 Has Been Upgraded

Dave Knight and I just finished installing the new Clary_cam2. The camera’s 1920 x 1080 image needs to be adjusted slightly, it’s a little dark. I’ll swing by this weekend and tweak it a bit. As is, it’s already a … Continue reading

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20 January 2021: New Webcams On The Way!

We’re in the process of replacing our webcams. We’ve got 3 of them and 2 of them are slated for replacement just as soon as I can make it happen. Clary_cam2 has lost it’s color correction and Clary_cam3 periodically uploads … Continue reading

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Lake Stewards of Maine 2021 Winter Newsletter Is Out

Lake Stewards of Maine (formerly Maine Volunteer Water Monitoring Program) has mailed their Winter 2021 newsletter, The Water Column. Print copies are in the mail and should arrive any day. As usual, they’ve produced a great publication. I especially liked … Continue reading

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15 January 2021: Sunrise on Clary Lake

Clary Cam2 (Spy Cams as Dave Knight likes to refer to them) may be losing color attenuation, but it’s still capable of recording some beautiful pictures.

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14 January 2021: Maine Lakes Wednesday Webinars Are Back!

I received this email this morning from Maine Lakes (formerly the Maine Lakes Society) and thought I’d pass it on to our Clary Lake readers. I attended several Maine Lakes webinars last year and found them interesting and educational. I’m … Continue reading

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8 January 2021: ClaryCam2 Back In Service

I’m happy to report that ClaryCam2 is back in service, thanks to David Knight’s finger which he used to press the ground fault reset button on the power supply. If we’d known it was such an easy fix we’d have … Continue reading

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7 January 2021: It’s Ice Fishing Season Again

The 2021 Ice Fishing season has started on Clary Lake. Dave Knight stopped by the State boat launch earlier today and took the picture at left. One of the fishermen said there was 8 inches of ice. As usual, be … Continue reading

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December 2020 Water Level Chart Archived

And so we arrive at the end of another year. I have archived the December 2020 Water Level Chart (at left) and much like 2020 was a roller coaster year, December was a roller coaster month in terms of rainfall … Continue reading

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27 December 2020: Clary Lake Opens Up

Clary Lake completely froze over on December 19th, but warm temperatures, high winds, and heavy rain on Christmas Day has melted off most of the ice. There’s still some ice in the coves, especially along the south shore. We’ll make … Continue reading

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